Commercial law

Commercial law

Business law

Robson & Co - helping your business

We eschew complicated jargon and give you advice that suits your needs. Working from our office in Hythe and Ashford or at your business premises we can provide cost effective, sensible advice with the understanding that your commercial motives need to be reflected in your legal documents.

Our team have a broad understanding of national and international law ensuring your business is well protected and your risks controlled. Getting this right from the start can save you thousands of pounds in the future.

Visit our office in Hythe or Ashford and we can discuss your business needs. Arrange a meeting with a Robson & Co expert.
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Getting contracts right

We will work with you to ensure you get the contract that protects your interests. We cover:

• Confidentiality and NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)
• Business terms and conditions
• Sales and purchases 
• Tender documentation 
• Consultancy agreements 
• Joint venture agreements 
• Supply contracts 

Contract documentation
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